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Club Chief Instructors.

Instructors & Dan Grades.

Sensei Stephen Smith 3rd Dan

I began studying in Wado Karate in January 1998 (over 15 years ago) at Oadby Karate Club under Sensei Lee Goold and Sensei Russell Goold. I have now attained the rank of 3rd Dan black belt and now run this club.
I am a tactical thinking person having been a former chess master. I am currently working as a primary school teacher in a Leicestershire school.
I find it important to keep an open mind when training, as it is always possible to enhance your own karate skills. My ambition is to learn and teach all aspects of Wado Karate. I also hold a St Johns full sports first aid certificate and an enhanced CRB certificate.

Sensei John Broughton 3rd Dan

I began training in Wado Ryu karate at Oadby Karate club in 1994 under Sensei Lee Goold and Sensei Russell Goold.

I studied Wing Chung for a while and would like to find time to take it up again.
I am also a qualified senior amateur boxing coach (32 years) and a professional boxing coach registered with the British Boxing board of Control for (25 years).

Sensei Marc Hewing  2nd Dan

I first became involved in Martial arts at the age of 7 when I studied Aikido for several years. I then in my late teens started training in Wado karate. Due to work and family commitments I gave up in my mid-twenties. My son then started training at  Oadby  Karate club at the age of 5 (and is now a 2nd Dan black belt himself) and having sat watching him for several months I decided to start training again. That was in 2004 and I now hold a 2nd Dan black belt. Sometimes it’s been hard work, blood sweat and tears, but the proud feeling of getting that black belt defiantly outweighs the effort. I currently train myself at least three times a week sometimes with some of the county’s top Sensei’s. I have learnt a great deal over the years and am still learning and my goal is now to pass this information on to my students who I’m sure with dedication and regular training can all go on to be excellent black belts themselves and be comparable with students from any club in the world.

Midland Wado Association Dan Grades.


2nd Dan

Sensei Marc Hewing.

Sensei Glen Legard.

Sensei William Hewing.

Sensei Victoria Kang.

Sensei Elsie Wong.

Sensei Abi Steady.

1st Dan  

Sensei Chris Walvin.

Sensei Jaspal Bring.

Sensei Bhavjeet Makan.

Sensei Merul Gorania.

Sensei Sayal Gorania.

Sensei Oscar Lawson.

Sensei Chloe Potter.

3rd Dan

Sensei Stephen Smith.

Sensei John Broughton.

Sensei Maria Geary.